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Rock N Roll Halloween is the Official Halloween site of The Rock & Roll Chef. Its mission: Do its part to help Halloween grow from America's 2nd-largest holiday to its biggest (Christmas is the largest - BOOOOOO!!!!!).
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ROCK N ROLL HALLOWEEN is also affiliated with Rock & Roll Kitchen Films, a boutique multi-media production shop dedicated to innovative, cutting-edge branding, production and marketing.

A sampling of our various food & music related projects include:

The Rock & Roll Chef's Halloween Carving Kit (X-Acto/Hunt)

Totally Chipotle Foods (bloody mary voted #1 by Chicago Tribune)

National TV & radio spots for Kraft Foods

Creative Director/Producer "Creedence Forever"

Creator/Host "The Rock & Roll Kitchen"

"Big Game Recipes" For Kenmore Live Studio (social media content)

Social Media Marketing / Online Video Expertise


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