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Hello, nice to meet you, and a friendly online "butt sniff" to you. My name is Josie, and I'm a shepherd mix who lives in Chicago with my mom, Sue. My mom knows how to design clothes and sew real good, and she made this costume especially for me. Even though the costume is made of foam and very light, I'd still rather be a dog than a shark when it's time to chase that squirrel in my yard who always teases me and throws stuff at me. But everyone does say I look good in it. So my vote is 2 paws up!

My mommy's pretty busy working at a restaurant, but she says if 25 people send her $10.00 before October 10, she'll go ahead and draw up the pattern and send them off in time for Halloween (mommy says most people with a sewing machine can make this outfit in less than 4 hours.) They can email her at:

Mommy says if you want links to costumes you can buy in the store, click here. (even though I don't think any of them are as good the costume she made for me!)

One Big Scary Woof,

Josie ("Dogshark Not Dogbreath") Tails

Mommy And Me
(Hey — I think I see that pesky squirrel!)