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They're real, hand-carved pumpkins, and we ship anywhere!
PUMPKINS LAST 3 - 6 WEEKS (they're delivered or shipped whole - you scoop them out when you're ready to light them; they last approx 4-5 days "following hollowing").

For pricing, info: 773.989.5341 or email:

Custom Logo Pumpkins


Some of our work from Halloweens past. How do we get such detail? We "score" (don't cut entirely through) the pumpkin's surface.

Can you light them? Yep. Just scoop out the pumpkin & scrape/thin the inside.

Custom Logo Pumpkins

Believe it—carved pumpkins make THE best Halloween gifts. They're great for rewarding special clients, or opening doors and getting meetings with potential new ones. More, they last for months, ensuring your gift stays in the forefront for a VERY long time.

Halloween Pumpkin Gift Package
Why not knock 'em out with the whole package? We can customize flyers, bags, cards, you name it. For more info: