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(Marty Larkin) is a professional chef and musician who is stretching the boundries of culinary entertainment. Combining top-notch musicians and delectable recipes, the Chef's show is both fast-moving and unique.

HE'S DONE NATIONAL TV AND RADIO spots for Kraft Foods with "Celebrate Cookin' With Kraft Cheese"; he has appeared on the nationally syndicated Crook & Chase Show; Superstation WGN-TV and The Bozo Show showcased him demonstrating professional pumpkin carving techniques on their programs.

He also created the "Halloween Carving Kit" for X-Acto. Combined with thousands of people enjoying live performances of the Chef and his classic rock party band, things are literally "on a roll."
ORIGINALLY CREATED FOR TELEVISION, THE ROCK & ROLL KITCHEN now describes other elements of this robust show. Building on a talent-packed pilot episode shot in Los Angeles (featuring The Beach Boy's Brian Wilson, The Tower Of Power Horns, drummers Jim Keltner and Ginger Baker, among others), "The Rock & Roll Kitchen" is also used as name for the Chef's cookin' band. Featuring the "Cornucopia Horns" brass, the 9-piece classic rock group plays great original and classic "food" songs. Some titles featured on their  "Sugar Rush" CD include "Green Onions," "Jambalaya," "Tickle The Pickle," "Chicken Pot Pie" and "Surf Fish." His latest party CD is titled "Pumpkin Patch," a Halloween treat featuring 13 great new arrangements of classic (and new) spellbinders, including "Black Magic Woman" and "Ghost Riders In The Sky."  With guest stars such as Jon Langford (Mekons, Waco Brothers) Nicholas Tremulis and Suzanne Palmer, the CD has been highlighted on Chicago's venerable WXRT Radio